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Tips for an Easier Move
« on: February 14, 2008, 09:06:35 pm »
There is a lot of excitement that comes with moving to a new town, but sometimes that excitement can often find itself transformed into anxiety. This is because of haphazard moving strategy can make a process that should be easy into a process that it ridiculously difficult. Needless to say, when a move becomes overcomplicated is creates unnecessary stress and monetary expenses. It goes without saying that no one wants to make something overly complicated particularly something already as complex as an out of town move. So, here are a few simple tips that can make a move to a new town easier.

Give Yourself Adequate Time to Move. Hey, come on, this move is only 40 miles. I can do this is 3 hrs so I will just rent the truck for 4 hours. That give me an extra hour just in case. 4 hours? Surely you jest. What happens if you get stuck in traffic? What happens if lugging your belonging into the moving van turns out to be harder than you thought? (And it is always harder than you thought!) Underestimating the amount of time required to move can often lead to disaster so always plan ahead and give yourself extra time to make the move.

Using a Moving Company. Sometimes, it is best to leave certain work to the pros. Often, a moving company can move much quicker thanks to their experience whereas as someone who is not experienced with moving may bumble and stumble  along. Yes, moving companies can be expensive but with the price of the move you also get the reliability that is common with experience. Plus, many moving companies offer deals and discounts so as to stay ahead of the competition. If you shop around long enough, you will eventually find a company that offers a competitive rate.

Pack for the Movers. If you want to cut moving company costs and expedite the time required to move, pack all you belongings for the moving company. Most companies will offer to pack your belongings for you but this takes time and time means money particularly since moving companies charge by the hour! So, unless you are really clueless about packing items do the packing yourself.

Mail Items That Can Be Shipped. Do you have a large library of DVDs and books? If so, you could easily pack them in a box and ship them to your new residence. This will free up valuable space on the moving van and cut down on the number of trips you need to take in order to move. If you are worried about losing items in the mail then it would be best to forgo the post office and stick with FedEx and UPS as they are far more accountable for their deliveries and provide more accurate package tracking.

While following these steps will not guarantee that a move will automatically be a flawless venture (packages get lost and so do moving companies), if these tips are followed the number of instances of mishaps can be reduced. When it comes to mishaps, less is most definitely more!