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Listings - maps & available date
« on: October 21, 2009, 07:27:11 pm »
I recently placed an ad to fill my daughter's room in an apartment due to her transferring to a different university.  Your site is very nice since we can list a lot of information at no cost.  But, I have several comments.  1)  The map is totally wrong.  I clicked on it to correct it, but it reverts back to the wrong location, even after saving it.   2)  The available date for our listing is Jan. 1.  I save it but it reverts back to Available Now.   Oh, and the most important thing:  when a person searches for listings, one has to scroll very far down the page to see the results.  The first time I used the site, I didn't realize this and thought it wasn't working correctly.  Why don't the results show up  where they can be seen?  It's fine to have to scrolll down, but I bet others will also think it doesn't work instead of looking way down at the bottom.


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Re: Listings - maps & available date
« Reply #1 on: October 22, 2009, 06:53:54 am »
Hey Cathy.  Thank you very much for the feedback, we are always on the lookout for errors and bugs on the site and welcome all suggestions.  I did some digging and here's what I found out.

First off, the issue with the map.  We "borrow" google maps to handle our location data and maps, so we are at the mercy of Google and their programers. In this case it looks like something at Google has changed and so the double clicking to set location feature is not working.  We'll work on getting things fixed on our end, but in the meantime it seems that what you can do is go to "edit listing," click and drag the map until the location you want is near the center of the map (zooming in may help) and then double click anywhere and our location icon will jump to the center of the map.  Of course you can also enter in an exact street address in the "street" field above the map, such as "123 Howard street", or if you want a more vague location, an intersection, such as "Howard st and Main st."  I can see that the problem may be that our page says "street" but that actually means street AND street number.

Second, the available date.  Your listing actually does show as being available Jan 1st.  I think that perhaps you are seeing the "updated on" date, which is off to the right.  Have a look on the far left of the listing data, it should be in red letters, "available on Jan 1st 2010."  Have a look at the attached picture, I circled them for you.  I think the problem may be related to the third issue, of having to scroll down.  The date on the right has a label above it that says "posted/updated" but if your listing is way down the page you would not see that.  That is not the way it is suppose to look (once again see that attached pic, it should look like that).  We built the site on a Mac, and often there are small problems that make everything look weird on a Windows run machine.  What type of computer are you using?  Which operating system (Vista? XP?)?, what browser (Explorer, Opera)?  Does it help if you resize the window, maybe making it wider?  Are you able to email me any screenshots?

Thanks again for the info, hopefully we can figure out the issue with site displaying incorrectly for you.

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